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Gorunn Suits goes beyond a regular suit worn on special moments. Gorunn is a different experience for every costumer, it is a suit that makes every moment special and most important, makes the perfect fit with each man’s personality. It’s about defining who you are on the inside, to come forward dressing the outside.

With over 5 years of experience in the field of man’s clothing, we are able to give personalized advices for each one of you. We search for your personality, for your pleasures, we create an open environment to get to know you better. With this details we can picture what suits you the best and we are ready to tailor a suit that truly represents you. Having an impeccable image, the self-esteem grows considerably and so, your chances of success.

Everything great takes time to happen, so our suits need their time, also. To meet your expectations, every suit needs around 4 weeks to be ready and to turn out just how you pictured it. We work only with natural fabrics from the best suppliers in the world. To us, quality comes first in every product we have.

When you choose Gorunn, you choose a customized experience. The suit is not just something that fits your body, but your personality also. We play with colors, with patterns and details that represent you, and only you.

Gorunn it’s the perfect place to come if you need a business outfit, a casual business style, a ceremonial suit or even customized jeans. In our showroom you will find everything you need in order to walk with a complete outfit. From leather shoes, to ties, handkerchiefs and even natural scented perfumes.

Even a casual outfit can be successfully tailored by us. We recently developed a great partnership with Candiani Denim, a little family fabric from Italy which delivers the greatest quality in denim. What makes Candiani Denim truly special is the care for the quality, but also for the environment, using only eco friendly methods of creating the denim. The jeans are a 100% customizable, meaning that you can choose the denim color, the thread color, even the buttons and the back label. For a really special pair of jeans, we can write your own name instead of a label. Candiani jeans can be worn weeks in a row before needing cleaning, because of the elasticity of the denim which doesn’t generates unaesthetic wear.

Gorunn is about making the best version of yourself. Just like the tree, Gorunn is a stable experience, determined to reach your essence.

Our showroom is located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca city, in the middle of architectural masterpieces. You can find us on Avram Iancu Street, no 2. We promise you a different kind of made to measure experience, which starts, of course, with getting to know each other.

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