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About Austral Trade

At Austral Trade, we know very well that our clients' businesses can succeed if they focus on what they must do and this is possible when they have all the resources together, from a simple pen to gadgets, cleaning or safety products or customized solutions for their needs, wherever they would have their office.

For this reason, our product portfolio has developed over the years, so that we are now more than an office and stationery supplier, we became a true integrator of business solutions, offering products necessary for the office or factories, personalized solutions, services, all in One-Stop-Shop, to contribute to the development of our clients' businesses.

Because the requests of a B2B client are different from those of a B2C one, we created a more efficient website with specific functionalities like approval levels of an order, budget limits, special products list, personalized lists for every user, and other dedicated developments for a better performance, with a friendly and easy to use interface. A perfectly natural evolution, we would say. And we won’t stop here.

With Austral Trade, you always know what you are counting on. Since 1993.

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