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Lemon Office Design

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Partner since: December 2020

About Lemon Office Design

Founded in 2004, Lemon Interior Design is a multi-award-winning interior design company that has signed many creative concepts.
Lemon Interior Design is coordinated by Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea, who is now managing a team of young designers and architects with a valuable background in the field, always looking to innovate.
Lemon has grown from a small-sized studio to be a market-leading design consultancy, providing unique integrated interior design and management services. Among the most well-known and spectacular projects that the company has created and implemented are the lobbies of some iconic buildings in Bucharest, such as One Herăstrău Park, One Verdi Park or One Charles de Gaulle, but also a series of state-of-the-art apartments and penthouses, both in Romania and abroad. The Lemon Interior Design concepts have their own imprint and, over time, the company has succeeded in creating its own recognizable mark: the contemporary style mixed with bold accents, in a timeless unitary whole.
The core principle behind Lemon Interior Design concept is the desire to offer a different perspective on interiors through original design, fine lines, quality, and a timeless mood. With an increased interest in details, Lemon team of specialists always creates a personalized project, adapted to the individuality of each client, organically mixing the space with the design, the social, and the personal insights of each beneficiary. The company has an amazing number of residential projects portfolio, defining its goal of shaping the concept of luxury in a gentle way, adapted to each person's individuality.
In 2019, the company has developed the office division, which focuses on the complete design concept and solution implementation for customizing office spaces. However, Lemon office arrangements are not standard, the company standing out by designing concept spaces, with a new approach, in which the office transcends its typical functionality and becomes a space with personality, space where design, wellbeing, visual elements, and aesthetic norms are intertwined with the work environment rigors.

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