BookLab: Discovering "Young Forever" by Mark Hyman


Radu Manolescu

Radu Manolescu

Founder & Managing Partner
K.M.Trust and Partners

BookLab: Discovering "Young Forever" by Mark Hyman

Hello everyone,

One of the most common discussions among all of us is about books and, having that in mind, we are glad to announce the inauguration of a new concept meeting called “BookLab”, which will become a part of our official annual meetings.

For the first session we invite you to discover "Young Forever" by Mark Hyman in a discussion facilitated by our Owners Club Member Radu Manolescu.

The process is simple: we will create the stage and all you have to do is step forward and tell us which book you would like to talk to the others about. Since not everyone has read the book you will talk about, we will be all listening to a 10’ summary at the beginning of the event so that we can all follow the speaker.

The goal is to leave the room having “read” the book and having exchanged views and ideas on its content.

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