5th Forum: The New World's Bets

5th Forum: The New World's Bets

The New World's Bets
Part I: Managing Paradoxes: Embrace Opposing Forces

Speakers: Kostas Loukas, Managing Director-Microsoft Romania, Robert Maxim, Managing Partner-Ensight Management ConsultingCrinu Andanut, Chief Executive Officer-Allianz Tiriac Pensii PrivateCoordinator: Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President- CEO Clubs Int’l Leverage polarities. Practice polarity thinking. Whatever you call it, we all need to learn to get comfortable with opposing ideas, pressures and options-- and know we don't get to pick either one or other. We must embrace the truth of both.More than ever before, a senior leader today wrestles with the strategic and practical implications of priorities that appear to be in conflict- such as global vs. regional, rewarding the team vs. rewarding individuals, centralization vs. decentralization.Our distinguished panel of senior leaders will share with you their experience of how bigger, richer picture and a more expansive range of options awaits leaders who walked past the over-simplicity of "either/or" thinking.Part II: Culture's Role in Organizational Transformation Speakers:Dan Stefan, General Director-AutonomDaniel Nicolescu, General Manager-PayUStephane Batoux, Chief Executive Officer-Coca Cola HellenicCoordinator: Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President-CEO Clubs Int’l If culture is so important, why do companies manage it as an afterthought?Drawing large body of research and practice we conclude that many executives apply change-management models that tack culture onto the end of a process, and that they focus too much on top-down communication and not enough on identifying specific behaviours that, when changed, will start to move a culture in the right direction.If culture is not a part of the process from the start, it will be the anchor that drags all change efforts to a halt-instead of what it can be, the wind in the sails to move the ship forward.Our distinguished panel of senior leaders share with you their invaluable experience from "stepping up" to a new role as leaders of their organization's thinking and behaviour.
Event location: Novotel

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