4th Forum: Kings and KingMakers

4th Forum: Kings and KingMakers

Kings and KingMakersYour New Sense of PurposeForumGlobal Business Shifts Call for “Post-Heroic” LeadershipWhat is needed to create powerful and cohesive organizations are great leaders who have developed the skill of rapidly developing the best in other people's strengths but rather have developed the unique capacity to call other great leaders to a round table where being at the head of the table is less key and the having vision determining the direction becomes the guiding principle.Being a KingMaker CEO requires a clear commitment to create context for transformation and the powerful skill of generating committed engagement.Join us and you will gain a new sense of purpose by:-Transforming your Leadership Style to include powerful KingMaking ability-Selecting powerful leaders that can engage and contribute-Designing accelerated contexts to align your teamsWorkshopThe Coach Approach to LeadershipConversations for SuccessCoaching is one of the most powerful tools for effective leadership. But do you know how to apply the coach approach to your day-to-day life?We often think that being “commanding” in our leadership style will get people to follow, and yes this may be true for a short period of time but it is not a sustainable strategy for leadership. What you are looking for is ownership, not compliance. Buy in, not acquiescing.Join the workshop to learn and practice the specialized competencies and frameworks to masterfully manage coaching conversations to get the best results from your most powerful asset: Your People!
Event location: Radisson Blu

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