1st Forum: Leadership in High Stakes

1st Forum: Leadership in High Stakes

Join the World’s Top Meeting Table!CEO Clubs International and its founder, invites you to the Grand Launch of the Romanian Chapter!Launch speaker: Dr. Joe Mancuso, President & Founder of CEO Clubs Int’lJoin us and get introduced to the CEO Clubs experience of learning, sharing and doing business while having fun. For 34 years now, CEO Clubs focuses on the development of leaders all over the world.Forum speaker: Dr. Srini Pillay, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical, School & CEO of NeuroBusiness GroupLeading the field of Brain Science in Business is Dr. Srini Pillay, author, researcher and thought leader on Neuroscience for organizational change and Invited Faculty at Harvard Business School. Dr. Pillay, an internationally regarded expert in stress and anxiety as well, will speak at the CEO Clubs Int’l Grand Launch and Forum. At this meeting he will discuss: Leadership in High Stakes: Brain-Based Insights to Maximize Business Performance in Romania. Brain-Bases Strategies To Maximize Business Performance in RomaniaRomania is in transition from a controlled economy to a free-market system.With this come the challenges of leadership that can significantly impact business performance.Several questions remain:With the current global economic crisis, what types of leaders will fare well in Romania and what types of leaders will not?Furthermore, will leaders in Romania be able to address the needs of their followers and are they adequately equipped to do so?How can knowledge of brain science advance your leadership agenda both in terms of providing insights as well as opportunitiesfor more powerful leadership interventions? Specifically, how do things change when the stakes are high?Highlights of the presentation include the following:- A leadership assessment tool to understand your leadership style- Insights about how your leadership style impacts followers in Romania – based on recent studies- Brain-based insights about what happens to the unconscious brain when the stakes are high and how this impacts innovation(the impact of fear, uncertainty and risk)- Specific brain-based interventions to consider in high stakes situations
Event location: Athenee Palace Hilton

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