CEO Clubs & Owners Club Panorama: The Day After


Hendre Coetzee

Hendre Coetzee

Transition Specialist. Executive Navigator. Speaker
Center for Advanced Coaching

CEO Clubs & Owners Club Panorama: The Day After

Please attend only 1 out of the 4 available meetings. For each session you must choose a different topic. This way we ensure that you receive a diversity of learning experiences.

17:30 - 18:00 > WELCOMING

2nd topic: Realizing that you need to pivot in the business

"The Day After" series will follow a clear and simple framework for exploring uncharted territory in any context. Each unique scenario will be explored through the lens of the framework. The more in-depth discussion will come from unique contributions from club members asking questions and sharing their own experiences in these areas. Hendre will facilitate and guide the conversation and he will also share some experiences from his personal life and from working guiding executives and their companies over the last 2 years through pivots, exits, restarts and mergers.

The basic framework to explore uncharted territory:

1. Define/Reset/Design what success looks like from now on- What is the new Point B?
2. Where are we now? (What is Point A: What is working?, What is not working?, What is missing?, What is needed?)
3. Shift and shuffle the "WHO"
4. Staging the next 90 days
5. What is the significant action today?

Other topics that will be discussed with Hendre throughout the year:

08.06.2022 - A major family change (divorce, kids off to college)
14.09.2022 - Experiencing betrayal (personal or business)
16.11.2022 - Merging with another company

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