Crypto Fest

Crypto Fest
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There is a lot of hype nowadays about blockchain and how it will change the world the same way the internet did 20 years ago. The problem is that very few people understand what it actually is and the majority of people who do, are too busy "mining" or launching "ICO's" in order to sit down and explain what they're doing. HUBS is a nonprofit organization focused on alternative education in order to provide you with a learning context bringing together blockchain, crypto and traditional finance experts with business leaders and curious entrepreneurs. The end goal is to provide business leaders with a general understanding of the technology, and developers with the opportunity to be probed by experienced executives and thus make their products more suitable for the business environment. You are thus invited on Saturday, the 26th of May to take part in HUBS Crypto Fest for a whole day event dedicated to Distributed Computing and Crypto Investments (see schedule here). CEO Clubs and NextGen Members benefit from free admittance.
Event location: H3, 82 Popa Nan Street

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