Romanian Business Leaders Summit 2017

Romanian Business Leaders Summit 2017
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Romanian Business Leaders Summit: We are here! What’s next?On 2-3 of March we invite you to join the Romanian Business Leaders Summit @ JW Marriott and explore the three main forces that are shaping the megatrends of the future: globalization, technology and demography, and answer the following questions:What are the costs of doing business under the new government?What are the technologies with the greatest impact on traditional business models?How do we approach the challenges arising from the qualified labour force migration?How can education answer to the fact that two out of three children entering school this year will have jobs that today do not existCEO Clubs Members benefit of a special discount.For registration & any other inquiries please reply to this email and the RBL Summit Team will help you with the process.
Event location: JW Marriott

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