33rd Breakfast for Thought

33rd Breakfast for Thought
Breakfast for Thought

Selling or buying a business can be a gratifying experience, but it is by no means a simple process. Preparation is key in M&A. A good structure of the process, preparation of the business and good negotiations - all these can eventually make the difference between a regular exit and a good one.In addition, M&A projects, whether they entail the transfer of assets, businesses or shares, are riddled with all manner of tax issues, ranging from minor and annoying com-pliance requirements to major and costly issues that can ultimately sink the entire transaction.We propose that you spice-up your morning coffee and croissants with stories of our experience on how to approach and structure M&A transactions, while properly dealing with tax-related issues that are inevitable in any major business restructuring project.
Event location: CEO Clubs Headquarters

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