The 31st Circle

The 31st Circle

The 31st Circle presents: Anti-Corruption and ComplianceAn opportunity or just another lost Case?Compliance has become a trendy topic globally and in Romania as well. Some would even call it a “booming industry”. Having been a non-issue until some years ago, these days conventions, regulations, and recommendation by the United Nations, the OECD, The World Economic Forum, the G20/B20, the IMF, the World Bank and by many other international, regional, and (even) national stakeholders (e.g., FCPA, UKBA, Brazilian Clean Company Act, etc.) call for a level playing field and (threat to severely) sanction non-compliance thereto. But is all this, by the end of the day, just another fashionable trend apart from real business facts, is real (business) life ripe for such CSR niceties, and what can and needs to be done individually and collectively to walk this path?Speaker: Mr Martin Kreutner, Dean and Executive Secretary, International Anti-Corruption Academy
Event location: Philip Morris Trading

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