28th Circle: The Socratic Design Method

28th Circle: The Socratic Design Method

The 28th Circle presents: The Socratic Design MethodMost of us have been programmed to function in an industrial society, but we are now steaming into a new digital world. A new era with new rules, new rituals, concepts, paradigms, business models and strategies. In order to be a key driver in this new economy, we need to explore new frameworks to start designing that new world we want to live in.One of the methods is the Socratic Design Method, a method to free people and organisations from the burden of unproductive or even destructive procedures, unclear language, old thoughts, silo thinking and wrong assumptions.If we want to create strong new values, we must be in a state of virginal thinking, not as a stand-alone, but as a hyper creative collective.You can take home some concrete results of reflecting on some of your practices and you will be able to transform discussion meetings into collaborative thinking sessions.Speaker: Rudy de Waele, Founder & CEO, Shift 2020
Event location: Novotel, Paris Room

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